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Are you looking for the right answers in your life?
Are you lonely?
Are you feeling Lost?
Do you feel like you are on the wrong path?
Is he or she your true soul mate?
Or have life's problems stopped you from finding happiness?

Call Taylor and find the answers and solutions! (407) 856-8006

One visit with Taylor will help you find the correct path and solutions to your happiness.


Whether you are interested in learning more about your past, present, and future or you need help with a specific issue in your life, Taylor offers understanding and compassionate services for your needs. Visit our call the Spiritual Psychic Center today to learn more about Taylor's unique services or to schedule a reading. Please call (407) 856-8006

Specialties Include:

Psychic Readings
Tarot Readings
Reuniting Lovers/Soul Mates
Palm Readings
Crystal Reading & Healing
Stopping Negative Energy
Insight into Business Issues
Insight into Jobs & Finances
Relationship Help
Health Problems
Healing Family Issues
Clearing Past Karma
Aura Cleansing
Crystal Readings

Find the answers and solutions! (407) 856-8006

Voted Best Psychic in Orlando

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Contact Taylor in Orlando, Florida, at (407) 856-8006 to learn more about her psychic
readings. Available for Holiday Parties, Special Occasions and Events.

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  • Katrina Hernandez
    "I went to Ms. Taylor when I was lost, but she has helped me a lot through meditation and I've been feeling lighter. I've driven her crazy calling constantly, but..."
    Katrina Hernandez
  • Nikki Peach
    "Truthful and accurate! I would recommend her to anyone! I drove from Tampa to see Taylor!"
    Nikki Peach
  • Elysa Tripp
    "Amazing!!! It was very accurate and relaxing! I highly suggest to everyone who is thinking about it!"
    Elysa Tripp
  • Joy Morgan
    "I stopped by and had a reading, it was the best I have had. Very accurate, and a lot of information. Thank you Taylor."
    Joy Morgan
  • Nora Lowery
    "Everyone needs to read this that wants help with their life.  I have been seeing Taylor for about 3 years. The first time I saw her I was in a state of confusion..."
    Nora Lowery
  • Mary Duque
    "I met Taylor at the beginning of this year. I was going through probably the worst time of my entire life. The first day she saw me, she told me exactly was..."
    Mary Duque
  • Victoria Ricketts
    "Taylor is amazing at what she does, she has so many positive perspectives and her genuine care for her clients is what makes her such an amazing psychic..."
    Victoria Ricketts
  • Rachel Anders
    "Since my reading with Psychic Taylor, all my stars have been aligned!! She was 100% accurate with her clairvoyance and is truly gifted with insight. I was seriously..."
    Rachel Anders
  • Luz Light
    "EXCELLENT!! After a few unsatisfactory experiences with Spiritual Leaders/Teachers, I was very pleasantly surprised. Taylor was knowledgeable..."
    Luz Light
  • Dina Dreamcatcher
    "If you are reading this, then it means you are looking for answers... I have good news - In my opinion, you do not need to look any further! This is IT. I have..."
    Dina Dreamcatcher
  • Ro G.
    "Taylor was sweet and sincere. I liked how inviting the conversation was. She delivered the information with care. I was pleasantly surprised and happy with..."
    Ro G.
  • Sarah Morales
    "This Psychic is hands down the best in town. I always visit Orlando for family and friends and I make a habit to see this psychic. She and I have a connection..."
    Sarah Morales
  • William Cordero
    "I found Psychic Taylor to be great. I went to her originally over 6 years ago, and she helped me through a tough time in my life. Now after 6 years passing by..."
    William Cordero
  • Channah Zapotoczny
    "My experiencinge was amazing. She knew what was going on in my life and I didn't have to say anything. All she had was my name from when I made the..."
    Channah Zapotoczny
  • Erik Abbadessa
    "I've had a reading from Taylor. I've only had 4 in my life. I can say that she was very helpful and positive. Things that she talked with me about were..."
    Erik Abbadessa